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High Net Worth Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard. You’ve put in the time and energy, invested well, and allowed your money to grow into the tidy sum that you have now. You have spent so much time working and planning for the future, but have
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Protecting Hearts is not to be Taken Lightly

From a practical perspective, having your estate in order can reduce the time and stress of having to handle various sundry tasks at an emotionally trying time in life. But the greater value is in protecting your loved ones from
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Estate Planning Checklist

Checklist of Estate Planning Items That Deserve Your Attention The following aspects of estate planning are ones that many people don’t think of. Here’s a checklist of questions to ask yourself as you go about your estate planning. What items
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Is a Trust Right for You?

You’ve worked hard for decades. You have counted pennies, shopped the sales, and now you are reaping the reward. After all of this hard work you are ready to pass down some of your assets to your children or grandchildren.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Estate Planning

Much of the focus about estate planning concerns the protection of assets. What often becomes overlooked is the “touchy feely” emotional quotient, the distribution of family belonging to specific individuals. Which matters more? Here’s what it’s important to pay attention
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The Power of a Will

Coping with the idea that you may not always be with your loved ones can be scary. However, nothing compares to the heartache that is accompanied by people arguing over a deceased loved one’s possessions So why have a will?
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Healthy Retirement

Imagine your retirement, what do you see? For most people, retirement includes relaxation, time with loved ones, and lots of traveling. However, in reality most people don’t get to enjoy the retirement that they spent so many years working towards.
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