Coping with the idea that you may not always be with your loved ones can be scary. However, nothing compares to the heartache that is accompanied by people arguing over a deceased loved one’s possessions

So why have a will? Well, besides making the probate process substantially easier for your family, it also is the perfect way to give a final goodbye to your loved ones. Gifting loved ones your possessions that you know they hold sentimental value in is a simple way to help ease their pain. Whether it be clothing, jewelry, or home décor, creating a will puts the power of who gets what back into your hands and out of the courts.

Wills are not just for allocating your possessions, what about everything else in your life? Do you have children who are still minors? What about pets? Creating a will allows you to choose who you want to take guardianship of your children and how you want your pets to be cared for when you are gone.

Take a stand and protect the hearts of your loved one from unnecessary pain and start your will today.